Immigration Software

As an immigration lawyer, you have a lot of important details to manage for your clients. Dealing with legal requirements for deportation issues, visa applications, naturalization, and citizenship matters are no small tasks, so you need an online immigration software like NextChapter that will do much of the administrative work for you.

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Case Management for Immigration Attorneys

Improve your immigration case management approach with NextChapter, offering solutions for better communication, data entry, information storage, scheduling, and payment tracking for immigration cases.

Client Messaging
Immigration Client Messaging

Immigration clients need to know you’re always there for them. NextMessage is an immigration client texting feature that helps your law firm stay in communication, view conversation history, and use a separate local number to interact with clients. Every time you get a text you'll be alerted by email so you'll never miss a message.

Upload and Store Immigration Case Files

NextChapter is a cloud-based tool, also available in a mobile app, where you can upload, store, review, and update case files from anywhere with an internet connection. The platform is a user-friendly depository for all immigration case paperwork. Stay organized with drag and drop and tagging features.

Immigration Law Firm Calendar

Manage your immigration law firm's schedule with the calendar feature from NextChapter. The tool is integrated with iCal, Google, and outlook so you can benefit from better scheduling for immigration client meetings. Set up notifications so that a meeting, court hearing date, or important submission deadline is never missed.

Manage Immigration Fees and Client Payments

Attorney fee structures and client payments can easily be tracked and managed within NextChapter’s fee tracker solution. This helps everyone at your law firm stay on track and adhere to payment schedules..

Immigration Calendar
Client Time
Keep Track of Billable Hours
Keep Track of Billable Hours

Track all time spent on each immigration case so you can monitor and communicate billable hours for clients. This helps you keep an eye on your law firm’s time management as well. You'll never have to manually file your time using the immigration time tracker.

Task and Document Collection

NextChapter provides helpful task and document checklists so you never miss an immigration requirement or step. These immigration checklists help you track progress and meet case deadlines throughout the process.

Store Case Information

Immigration client storage is made simple with NextChapter, which can be used as your immigration CRM solution. Everything about a client and case is stored securely in the cloud, and you can view immigration case details anytime at a glance.


Start Practicing Bankruptcy Law

Add bankruptcy law to your immigration practice with ease using a cloud-based bankruptcy software. NextChapter supports new bankruptcy attorneys with the easy-to-use online application, which leads you through the bankruptcy forms and filing process. We also have an expert support team and online Help Center that’s always available to answer questions, as well as a bankruptcy software training webinar for your law firm.

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