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Improve your practice with NextChapter. Our online legal software is designed to automate your workflow with the use of custom document automation, client communication solutions, and case management tools!

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Go even further by using NextChapter Bankruptcy to prepare and file your bankruptcy forms, with additional areas of law coming soon!
Federal immigration forms launching early 2023.

Legal Software for the Modern Attorney
Manage Your Firm & Cases Online

Automate Your Workflow
& Manage Your Cases Online

Generate fillable form templates, prepare legal documents, manage cases and client data, and everything in-between. With NextChapter, you can automate legal document generation, conduct client intake online, manage your cases, and eliminate time spent on redundant data entry and other tedious tasks. Our legal software is designed with the modern law firm in mind.

Work faster with NextChapter's signature linear workflow and dashboards. Attorneys of all practice areas will benefit from a more efficient practice with document automation, intuitive case management, and client communication tools.

Your All-in-one Solution
  • Task Lists
  • Document Checklists
  • Client Texting
  • Automated Document Generation
  • Custom Client Intake
  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Time Tracking
  • Fee & Payment Tracking
  • Firm Calendar
  • Lead Tracking
  • Document Storage
  • & Even More Case Management Tools

Using NextChapter at Your Law Firm

Using NextChapter at Your Law Firm
Custom Client Intake
Custom Client Intake
Custom Client Intake
Streamline client intake with the Client Portal, an online guided questionnaire that makes it fast and easy for clients to provide their information and upload documents. Everything then imports directly into NextChapter. All the info you need is saved within the case, eliminating double data entry.
Document Automation
Document Automation
Document Automation
Create forms without manual data entry. NextChapter Docs lets you build custom templates for law firm forms or upload your existing documents. Using the editor, you can make any changes and insert merge fields so that case information will autofill in the future, with just a few clicks. Ensure accuracy and eliminate errors.
Client File Management
Client File Management
Client File Management
Upload documents and store them securely in NextChapter's cloud-based law firm software. Benefit from better case management by having everything available in one place. Manage deadlines, meetings, and case dates with a firm calendar and event tracking features. Document and task checklists help you and your clients stay on top of upcoming deadlines and what needs to be completed.
Paralegal Assistance
Paralegal Assistance
If your law firm needs an extra hand, Paralegal as a Service provides on-demand support via experienced, virtual paralegals. They take on case preparation, management tasks, and client communication so that you can free up time and energy to manage your practice.
Cloud-Based Legal Software

Cloud-Based Legal Automation Software

NextChapter is your all-in-one, flexible web-based solution for workflow automation, legal document preparation, case management.

Our online software for attorneys offers all the tools needed to run your law firm in the cloud. Collaborate with team members from anywhere with real-time updates. Our cloud-based automation software gives everyone at your law firm flexibility since you can use it on any browser and device, including smartphones and tablets. All client and case information is stored securely in the cloud for your convenience.

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The NextChapter team is made up of paralegals, attorneys, and engineers who combine their experience to create revolutionary law firm software. We've built an application that your law firm can trust with heightened security. Change the way you practice the law with enhanced collaboration, better project management, and less data entry.

Trusted Case Management Software for Lawyers

Automate your law firm

100% Cloud-Based

100% Cloud- Based

Access NextChapter's legal web application from anywhere with any device, helping you manage and update cases on the go and better collaborate with law firm staff.
Save time & Money

Save Time & Money

Streamline law firm case management and create a more efficient practice. With NextChapter, spend less time on data entry and paperwork and shift your focus to law firm growth or client relationships.


NextChapter is user-friendly and has many automation features, like legal document assembly, that improve case management, accuracy, and organization.