Divorce Software for Attorneys

Divorce matters can be fraught with emotion, confusion, and uncertainty. That’s why you require the right divorce law firm software to maintain communication with clients and make the case management process fast and easy.

NextChapter provides the solutions you need to manage divorce cases in a software to ease transitions and help divorce clients get through the painful legal process.

Managing a Divorce Law Firm

Divorce case management is simple when you use NextChapter's online software for lawyers. With the process streamlined, you can focus more on helping clients and less on preparing and managing divorce cases.

Effectively Reach Divorce Clients

Your clients are going through a tough time, so let them know you’re available with divorce client texting from NextChapter. This feature provides your divorce law firm with a local phone number, and you’ll be notified via email each time a client texts you.

NextMessage has unlimited texting capabilities, and you can see the entire communication log. This improves your firm's overall communication with divorce clients.

Collect Documents

Modern divorce attorneys need software for divorce documents, and this requires a cloud-based, mobile solution for your practice. NextChapter's Client Document Storage solution gives you the ability to upload and securely store documents for divorce clients within the platform. Organization is easy with the labels and drag-and-drop uploading.

Managing a Divorce Law Firm
Managing a Divorce Law Firm
Schedule Events

Another must-have feature in your divorce software is a scheduling calendar. NextChapter will house upcoming deadlines and divorce court dates, ensuring that your always aware of what's on your schedule. The calendar can be integrated with iCal, Google, and Outlook for added convenience.

List Client Fees and Payments

NextChapter’s fee tracking for divorce lawyers solution makes it easy for you to see when payments have been made by divorce clients, and you can download a printable record for their reference. Divorce payments and fees can all be tracked within the case file, making them easier to review and manage.

Billable Hours for Divorce Attorneys

You can track your time spent on each divorce case for each member of the firm within NextChapter using the time tracker, and easily monitor and adjust billable hours through the tool. Gone are the days of manually entering time at your divorce firm.

Check off the boxes

There are many steps involved in each case, so NextChapter has integrated customizable divorce document and task checklists to help you and your clients never miss a requirement or date. These checklists help you divorce case management to the next level, ensuring that each step and requirement is accounted for.

Track Divorce Clients

The NextChapter platform helps you gather client data and store it securely in a cloud-based divorce client database. Easily manage and log client information for divorce cases within the application. In this way, NextChapter acts as your trusted CRM for divorce clients.

Managing a Divorce Law Firm

Add Bankruptcy to
Your Divorce Law Firm

When you’re looking to expand your firm, consider adding bankruptcy filings to your divorce practice. NextChapter's online application for new bankruptcy attorneys makes it easy to incorporate these cases into your current workflow, with a linear case preparation model and personalized customer support.

With simple guided bankruptcy forms and a law firm training webinar, NextChapter is the perfect software for new bankruptcy practitioners of those dabbling in the practice area.

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Add Bankruptcy to Your Divorce Law Firm