Legal Software for
Estate Attorneys

Run your estate law practice with online legal software that helps you manage estate cases and beyond. NextChapter allows you to focus more on helping families in every stage of life, from creating a first will or trust to talking through detailed estate plans.

Organize Estate Cases for Clients

Effective estate case management is one of the most important aspects of your estate law firm. Improve how you coordinate meetings, documents, and more at your firm with a cloud-based estates management application.

Communicate with Estate Clients

Keep in touch with clients using NextMessage. Using an assigned local phone number, everyone at your estates law firm can text estate clients inside NextChapter.

You can also set up automated reminders based estate case dates. With unlimited texting capabilities and email notifications, client communication for estate law firms is bound to improve.

Securely Store Documents

Access all of your estate firm documents in one place. NextChapter's Client Document Storage is a secure, user-friendly depository for all of your estate forms and paperwork. Drag and drop files and tag documents based on type for great organization.

Organize Estate Cases for Clients
Organize Estate Cases for Clients
Manage Law Firm Events

Staying up to date on court hearings, client meetings, and deadlines is made simple with NextChapter's estate law firm calendar.

Benefit from a calendar integration with iCal, Google, and Outlook that will streamline your entire schedule as an estates attorney.

Track Estate Client Fees

Manage estate fees and payments without any complication. NextChapter's software for estates attorneys takes the guesswork out of transactions and fee structures. Track law firm client payments and upcoming fees due within the case file.

Record Time Spent On Estate Cases

The estates time tracker feature in NextChapter helps you record how much time you’re spending on each case. As long as you're working on the estate case, we'll record your attorney billable hours and present it a digestible table, eliminating the need for you to manually file time.

Stay on Top of Tasks

Take task management to another level with NextChapter. Manage all of your law firm's action items at a quick glance with checklists and more. Each step of the estate case management process is accounted for with customizable document checklists and more.

Organize Estate Cases for Clients
Organize Estate Cases for Clients
Estate Client Database

In order to effectively prepare estate documents for your clients, you need a platform to manage their information. NextChapter acts as a CRM for estate law firms, allowing you to track details specific to clients and their cases.

Become a Bankruptcy Practitioner

Add bankruptcy to your estate law practice with NextChapter. Built out for individual and business bankruptcy filings, NextChapter is software for the new bankruptcy practitioner. Pick up bankruptcy filings with an intuitive online software that simplifies the bankruptcy filing process for estate attorneys.

NextChapter provides auto-fillable bankruptcy forms, a firm training webinar, an expert support team and more.

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Become a Bankruptcy Practitioner