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The Difference Between
NextChapter and Its Competitors

Form preparation in law can be tedious, time-consuming, and redundant and you may be wondering what the best solution is! NextChapter’s goal is to make sure your firm runs as efficiently as possible and our workflow-based design, usability, and features are what set us apart from our competitors.
NextChapter’s CRM tools and features make case intake simple. These tools extend beyond document automation and include NextMessage client texting, MyChapter client portal, custom task lists, and integrated calendaring. It was designed to automate legal workflow to help you track, schedule, and communicate with your clients!
Our uncomplicated logic and additional features will have you building templates in no time! NextChapter Docs utilizes form fields and drag-and-drop merge tags to generate templates. Simply create one template and auto-generate documents for hundreds of clients! Once you’ve generated your documents for a case, eliminate the need to download and re-organize! Simple merge pdfs with simple drag-and-drop right in the in the app!
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Form Suites
Choose from our completed forms, already set with custom merge tags for automatic document drafting
Merge PDFs
Click and drag your documents in any order for download and print
Unlimited Storage
NextChapter includes unlimited storage with any plan you choose
Built-in and Custom Fields and Merge Tags
Choose from a preset list of merge tags, or create your own
Automatic Texting
Use NextMessage client texting to send automated reminders and stay in touch with your clients
CRM Tools
Customize your CRM tools by area of law for case management
No Hidden Contracts/Loyalty Pricing
What you see is what you get! You can choose monthly plans without being locked into anything! We also abide by loyalty pricing! Start an annual and keep those rates forever
Affordable User Plans
Choose our monthly or save 20% with our annual subscriptions
Mailing Integration
Skip the post office and use our mailing integration

We are here to help!

If you want a little extra help, NextChapter’s customer success team and online resources are there to guide you through the process! You can also hire one of our experienced form builders as a custom concierge service to set up your forms and workflow for your firm.
NextChapter is developing a growing catalog of state forms with pre-set merge tags. Once your case is created, skip the template-building process! (More coming soon!)

Easy to use!

Streamline your Account Information
Set up your account: including areas of practice, firm & user settings, etc.
Hire us to help: Our form builders take your contact information, address, and attorney data and automate your forms.
Create your Workflow
Create merge tags used for custom client intake: Create custom fields to generate merge tags or use our set of standard merge tags such as Client Name, Firm Name, etc.
Import and set up templates: Copy & paste, upload, or create a document right in the Doc Creator! Drag and drop merge tags into the document and hit save to create your template.
Create variations: NextChapter has unlimited storage and you can create as many template variations as you need for each client.
Create a Case
CRM Tools: Use our CRM Tools to track, set up tasks, and schedule with your clients!
Invite your client to fill out custom client intake with MyChapter: Send forms to your client for prompt case information. (Coming soon to all practice areas!)
Communicate with your clients: Text them right in the app with NextMessage.
Edit Case Data and Forms
Help the same client multiple times with different areas of law.
Utilize stored case information to generate forms, edit forms, at any time.
Generate your Forms
Select a case: Once the form templates are set up, select the case to apply the template it will merge all of your case data.
Edit your templates: Just click “edit” and save your changes. Zero coding is required!
Print your documents in any order: Once you are ready to print your documents, use merge PDFs and drag and drop documents in the order you want to print them!