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Bifurcated Bankruptcy

File a $0 down bankruptcy for your clients with NextChapter. With a bifurcated fee agreement, your clients can avoid the pre-petition retainer fee for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and only pay post-petition, via a monthly installment fee arrangement.

NextChapter simplifies the process for attorneys filing a bifurcated bankruptcy case for their client.

Bifurcated Bankruptcy Forms

NextChapter automatically generates forms that are necessary for bifurcated bankruptcy cases, making it easy to prepare the case.

Official Form B 3A
Official Form B 3B
B2030 (Form 2030)

Official Form B 3A

Application for Individuals to Pay the Filing Fee in Installments
This form is for those who can't afford to pay the bankruptcy filing fee upfront but can pay in installments, up to four payments within 120 days of the filing date. Form B3A can be generated and completed in NextChapter.

Official Form B 3B

Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived
If your client is unable to pay the filing fee entirely, they can apply for the fee to be waived. To be eligible, the debtor must be an individual applying for chapter 7 bankruptcy, and combined family income must be less than 150% of the official poverty line.

Form B2030

Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor
This form is required so that the attorney can disclose any payments collected for preparing and filing the bankruptcy case. NextChapter makes it easy to enter disclosure information for attorney fees in the application and file Form B2030 with the court.

Manage Bankruptcy Fee Payments

Simplify law firm fee collection with NextChapter’s communication and case management toos.

Next Message
Track all attorney fees and payments made within NextChapter. This way you can keep an eye on all client payment activity, including pending and late payments.
With NextMessage Client Texting , set up automatic reminders so that clients will remember to pay their bankruptcy fees. This makes it easier to manage a bifurcated attorney fee agreement.

Benefits and Features

Providing the option to file a bifurcated bankruptcy case for your clients is seamless and a great addition to your practice.

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Competitive Edge
Most attorneys don’t offer bifurcated bankruptcy cases. Learn this skill to give your clients plenty of payment options and stand out against competitors.
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Help Clients in Need
This fee structure is helpful for bankruptcy clients who cannot afford fees upfront. Because your clients are already going through a challenging time with bankruptcy, make it even easier for them to get back on their feet with bifurcation.
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Implement Quickly
NextChapter makes it easy to learn and add bifurcated bankruptcies to your practice with Fresh Start Funding. Our application has all the necessary forms for filing, and Fresh Start Funding has all the support and resources needed for learning bifurcated bankruptcies.

Learn How to File a Bifurcated Bankruptcy

Add bifurcated bankruptcies to your practice with assistance from our partner, Fresh Start Funding , who:

Assists chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys with financial services to improve payment management
Performs due diligence on everything associated with filing bifurcated bankruptcies
Educates attorneys on how to ethically file and disclose bifurcated bankruptcies with their district court
Provides suggested provisions for structuring fee agreements and fee disclosures in schedule J of the bankruptcy petition