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Chapter 13 Package

All the features you need to prepare, manage, and file Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases online.

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$250 / year

Prepare Chapter 13 Cases in a Flash

Add The Chapter 13 Package Plugin for $250 Per Year

Simplify your Chapter 13 case preparation with NextChapter's Chapter 13 Plan Package. A calculator, plan editor, time tracker, and client receipt printouts all transform Chapter 13 cases into a clean, organized process.

Designed to make attorneys and paralegals lives better, each tool included in the Chapter 13 Plan Package allows your firm to prepare your Chapter 13 cases efficiently and accurately.

Instead of using messy spreadsheets and clunky software calculators, prepare Chapter 13 cases in your bankruptcy software from start to finish. Our real-time calculators specific to your district will save you time and energy.

Add the Chapter 13 Package to any account through your billing in the app for $250 per year.

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Chapter 13 Package:

What's Included?

Chapter 13 Calculator
Efficient & Intelligent Design

Our sleek Chapter 13 calculator is easy-to-use for attorneys and paralegals of all calibers. Simply see all claims and terms of the plan in a format that is understandable and intuitive. With the touch of a button, quickly update the plan length or add a plan treatment without leaving the page. The calculator also eliminates the need to switch between screens by showing the debtor's monthly income from Schedule J next to the total plan payment.


Every Chapter 13 case is unique, so we made our plan package customizable to meet debtor and court needs. Figures in the calculator table are immediately recalculated whenever you make changes to the plan or treatments.

Chapter 13 Plan Editor

NextChapter's Chapter 13 plan editor makes preparing the forms efficient from start to finish. Benefit from reduced data entry because NextChapter pulls information you've already entered into the app directly to the plan editor. Make changes and add information to your Chapter 13 Plans in NextChapter, without downloading and using a separate application.

Experience flexibility when you prepare Chapter 13 Plans. NextChapter's plan editor allows you to save your progress at any point in the editing process and create multiple versions for case updates and amended plans. Streamline the entire process by crafting the plan in NextChapter and exporting it at your convenience, as many times as needed.

Chapter 13 Time Tracker

Whenever you're in a case, NextChapter tracks your time automatically and records it in an easy-to-read timetable. Manage your billable hours and business operations better with NextChapter's Chapter 13 Plan Package.

Chapter 13 Receipt Printouts

NextChapter's receipt printouts allow you to be more transparent with your clients. After calculating the Chapter 13 plan payments you can send a receipt with all the details home with the client.

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Download the Chapter 13 Package Guide Today to Learn More

Learn more about the Chapter 13 Package today! Download this handy guide to see screenshots and examples of how to use NextChapter’s Chapter 13 Calculator, Chapter 13 Plan Editor and other features included in the Chapter 13 Package

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Download the Chapter 13 Package Guide Today

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