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NextMessage® Client Texting

Communicate better with your debtor with SMS texting and automated reminders.

NextMessage Dashboard
NextMessage Dashboard Tablet
NextMessage Dashboard Mobile

Included in Start+ & Pro+

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$300 / year

Client Texting for the Tech-Savvy Attorney

Communicate Better With Your Debtor With NextMessage®
Individualized Messages
  • Message clients and access conversation history
  • Communicate with unlimited SMS texting through NextChapter
  • Receive email notifications when the client text replies
Local Phone Number
  • Receive an assigned local phone number for your firm so all users can access NextMessage
  • No need to give out your personal phone number anymore
Client Texting Dashboard

Automated Client Communication

Create Text Recipes To Improve Case Efficiency
Automated Reminders & Text Recipes
  • Create text reminders based on client hearing and appointment dates
  • Once created, text recipes will apply to all current and future cases, eliminating overall time spent on client communication
Per Case Settings
  • Select which user you want to receive email notifications on each case
  • Enable or disable text recipes on a per-case basis
  • Unsubscribe your client if they do not wish to receive messages
Client Text Notifications

How NextMessage Works with NextChapter

Assign Local Firm Phone Number
Local Phone Number

Select the area code and receive a local phone number unique to your firm. Using one phone number to text clients ensures streamlined communication for everyone at your law firm.

Text Clients Directly Through NextChapter
Text Clients Directly

Every member of your firm has access to better client communication. Text clients directly in the case dashboard through the NextMessage chat box.

Create Automated Reminders
Automated Reminders

Introduce the power of automation with text recipes. With reminders based on Credit Counseling Course, 341 Hearing, and document collection dates; debtors will never miss an event, and you'll never forget to remind them.

Email Notifications
Email Notifications

Receive debtor responses without being in NextChapter. Whenever a client sends a text message to your firm, you'll receive a notification to your preferred email. NextMessage email notifications allow you to stay on top of client communication and relationships.

Customize Firmwide Or Per-Case

Add flexibility to your automated reminders with per-case customization. If you'd find that a message is irrelevant to one of your clients, choose to disable on a per-case basis in the case settings.

Access Conversation History
Conversation History

Never lose track of client conversations. Anyone at your firm can reference past conversations because all messages are stored in the case.

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