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Mailing Integration

Let NextChapter and Key Dynamics notify creditors involved in your clients’ case by printing, assembling, and mailing documents.

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Mailing Service

Bankruptcy Mailing Service

We’ll help your law firm notice creditors in a bankruptcy case with our Mailing Integration. All you have to do is upload your documents, specify how you’d like them sent, and Key Dynamics will take care of the rest. Save time and trust that the creditors involved in your clients’ cases are being notified with this integration.

Printing and Mailing for Bankruptcy Noticing

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code requires that creditors involved in the bankruptcy case are notified when the bankruptcy case is filed, and then if anything else needs to be added or amended at a later date. While the court takes care of the initial noticing to creditors, law firms are responsible for notifying creditors of any changes or amendments to the case and filing a Certificate of Service with the court to prove that these notifications were sent to all applicable creditors.

NextChapter’s Mailing Integration powered by Key Dynamics simplifies the entire process. Allow us to take on the manual work by preparing and mailing documents to the creditors for you and your client. We’ll even prepare the Certificate of Service so you can file it with the court.

Printing and Mailing

How It Works

Set up the integration
All you have to do to set things up is add the new integration to your NextChapter account under Settings. Create an account with Key Dynamics, or connect an existing account. Then you’re ready to start using the automated tool for certified bankruptcy noticing.
Start a mailing request
When you're ready to start a mailing request, go to your NextChapter case and select the documents you'd like to mail. Use the simple drag and drop feature or upload to add documents to your mailing.
How it works
Mailing Preferences
Select the mailing list
Create your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy mailing list by using either the court's master list or selecting the automated Mailing Matrix in NextChapter. Customize recipients by adding new ones or omitting creditors from the court’s Mailing Matrix.
Choose your mailing preferences
Next, choose how you'd like to send the documents. Select First Class mail, Certified mail, or rush service for a small additional fee, depending on your timeline. This is also where you can enter the information needed to have the Certificate of Service generated by Key Dynamics.
Verify and send
When you've gone through all of these steps, review the final file before submiting for Mailing. Once you're done, you can track your mailing history in the dashboard.


Save Time
Save Time

Since NextChapter and Key Dynamics collect the Mailing Matrix and send out all of the documents, your firm won't have to do any manual work. Speed up the process of notifying creditors from start to finish.


We've partnered with Key Dynamics, a mailing service trusted by thousands of attorneys, to get your documents prepared and sent out so that you can notify creditors.

Send Notices Faster
Send Notices Faster

By using the NextChapter Mailing Integration, bankruptcy noticing is out of your hands so you can focus on other tasks. Key Dynamics will print and assemble the documents to send via First Class or rush mail.

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