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NextChapter Payments

Generate invoices and process legal payments using NextChapter's payments software for attorneys.

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Law Firm Payment Portal

Make paying legal fees easier for your clients with an online portal. Create an invoice in NextChapter, and your clients can pay off their balance at any time using MyChapter Client Portal. By giving clients a more convenient option, you'll get paid faster and have less overdue invoices.

Law Firm Payment Portal

How it Works

An example of using NextChapter Payments for a one-time payment.

How it works
One Time Application
Go to your NextChapter account settings and fill out a one-time application to set up online payments for your law firm.
Create an Invoice
When you’re ready to create an invoice for attorney or bankruptcy fees, generate a form instantly from the payments dashboard or in the case in NextChapter.
Invite Client to MyChapter
Next, invite your client to NextChapter’s Client Portal. They’ll get an email with a secure link to access the portal and view the invoice.
Notification of Receipt
Once the client completes their payment, they'll receive a receipt in an email, and your law firm will also get a notification.
Client Pays Fees in the Portal
Using the portal, the client makes a payment on the invoice using their preferred payment method. They can pay whenever it’s convenient, giving them more flexibility.
Fee Import
Each client payment is recorded within the fee section in the case dashboard, and appears in the Miscellaneous tab. Within your law firm payments dashboard, you can track whether each payment has been paid.
Payment Processed
The payment will be transferred to your law firm’s linked bank account.

Options for Every Bankruptcy Case

Use NextChapter Payments to collect bankruptcy fees for any type of case, whether Chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13. Set up either one-time fee payments or recurring payment plans, including a bankruptcy pre-filing payment plan. NextChapter automatically records the payment if your client uses the online portal, and you can also enter in payment information yourself if it's made via phone or in-person.

Payments Accepted

American Express
Apple Pay
Bank Account

Benefits & Features



NextChapter Payments is powered by Usio, who ensures compliance and security, and is backed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
One-Time & Recurring Payments

One-Time & Recurring Payments

NextChapter's payment software for lawyers allows you to set up either recurring or one-time payments, depending on the needs of the case and client.
Payment Reminders

Payment Reminders

Send out reminders to your clients so they never miss a payment. Choose to send reminders via email or text.
Payments Dashboard

Payments Dashboard

The payments dashboard allows you to process law firm payments instantly, set up recurring payment plans, and keep tabs on invoice status.
Client Payment Portal

Client Payment Portal

Clients will love how easy it is to pay bankruptcy fees online in the MyChapter Client Portal.


All fees will appear in the case in NextChapter so you can accurately generate bankruptcy fee disclosure statement without manual data entry.