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NextChapter® + DebtorCC

Obtain the credit counseling certificate required for bankruptcy clients in NextChapter without the manual work.

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First Course

$14.95/per household

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Second Course

$9.95/per household

Bankruptcy Course for Debtors

We are partnered with DebtorCC, an online platform for bankruptcy filers to complete the first and second course under the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) to streamline the education process for both you and your clients.

Use NextChapter and DebtorCC to fulfill the credit counseling requirement for your clients' bankruptcy case. With this integration, you and your clients will benefit from a smoother debtor education process free of faxing or back and forth emails. Facilitate the credit counseling course seamlessly by creating a DebtorCC account and linking it to NextChapter's bankruptcy software.

Make the entire process easier for your clients with online debtor education. Because of the user-friendly platform and intuitiveness of DebtorCC, your clients will be more likely to complete the course with quicker turnaround time. This will allow you to move through the bankruptcy case filing process faster.

As the attorney, you can invite your client to take their credit counseling course and view their progress without leaving NextChapter. Once they finish the course, everything will automatically populate into the bankruptcy software, taking away the manual work.

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How It Works

1. Connect NextChapter & DebtorCC.

All you have to do is enter your login credentials in DebtorCC, or sign up for a new account quickly. Everything is then automatically linked between NextChapter and your DebtorCC account.

2. Send the invite.

The invitation for your client to take the credit counseling course is sent through NextChater with the click of a button, saving you and your staff time and energy. Your client receives an email from your firm that points them directly to the course.

Credit Counseling Integration
Budget Counseling
3. View their progress.

Stay on top of your clients' progress with an intuitive portal that shows debtor information, course status, and the downloadable credit counseling certificate once completed. Easily reference all of your clients at once.

4. Automatic import.

Once the bankruptcy course is completed, the completion date and certificate will populate into the case NextChapter. Avoid manual entry altogether and ensure total accuracy since the data transfer is automatic.

5. File the case.

When you're ready to file the case, seamlessly attach the credit counseling certificate to the bankruptcy packet. All you have to do is select the case filing option from a dropdown menu, no extra steps.

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Features & Benefits

Clean Dashboards
Clean Dashboards

DebtorCC is made for the modern attorney. Your client will take the credit counseling course online, and you will have access to their certificate within NextChapter. It's easy to use for both the client and the attorney. Say goodbye to faxing paperwork.


See the course status for all of your debtors in one place. NextChapter's organized database allows you to view client progress, download completed certificates, and more. Manage debtor education courses with ease.


We save the course completion date and credit counseling certificate into NextChapter to ensure that you won't have to manually enter the data.

File with the Case
File with the Case

Including the credit counseling certificate with the schedules is simple with NextChapter. Because the certificate is saved in the case, you can easily add it to the bankruptcy petition packet when filing.


When you invite the debtor to take their credit counseling course within NextChapter, you have the flexibility to customize the invitation email to match your firm's branding. Your client will know it's an email they can trust.


If the credit counseling certificate has expired, we'll alert you when you go to file the case. This is just another way NextChapter helps attorneys file the bankruptcy petition accurately.

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