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Software for Probate Attorneys

Probate matters can be emotional for family members, executors, and others involved in managing a deceased person’s estate. As a probate lawyer, you need communication and case management tools that simply the process for clients and your law firm.

With NextChapter's legal software, you can streamline your probate practice and keep everything organized in one place. Use our application for case management features to improve organization and client communication.

Probate Software for Attorneys

Manage Probate Cases

To manage probate cases, you need tools that will help you coordinate with clients and streamline data entry. Revamp your probate case management strategy with these solutions from NextChapter.

Text Clients Anytime

Be available with texting. With NextMessage from NextChapter, you can communicate with probate law firm clients with unlimited SMS messaging, view complete conversation histories, and avoid giving out your personal number since you’ll be assigned a new local number.

Every time you receive a text message, you'll get an email notification, which will ensure you never miss a message.

Probate Case File Storage

Documents are uploaded and stored in a secure cloud-based probate software when you use NextChapter. You can easily reference case files from anywhere. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to organize probate documents and forms and the depository is user-friendly with tagging options.

Probate Software - Documents Storage
Probate Software - Case Dashboard
Stay On Top of Probate Case Dates

The calendar feature in NextChapter allows you to schedule and set reminders for upcoming deadlines and probate court dates. You and your clients will never miss a meeting.

Integrate your calendar with iCal, Google, and Outlook so that it's connected to all of your firm's important deadlines and dates.

List Probate and Attorney Fees

Make it easy to manage fees and payments for probate cases. Your fees will vary by probate client, and NextChapter allows you to outlines your probate fee structure for each case. Print out a record for clients to view charges and track payments made, right in the case file.

Record Time

NextChapter gives you visibility into how much time members of the firm are spending on each case. Record your time spent on probate cases with the legal time tracker so you can make any improvements and speed up processes where necessary. This eliminates the need to file your billable hours for probate cases manually. The time tracker also allows you to adjust and delete entries as needed.

Track Legal Tasks

NextChapter keeps you on top of tasks. Checklists help you and your probate clients manage each and every legal task required. NextChapter’s task and document checklists allow you to track progress on probate cases when each task is completed.

Probate Software - Timer
Probate Software - Case Dashboard
Probate Software - Efficiently Manage Client Information
Efficiently Manage Client Information

The probate client intake and onboarding process is streamlined with NextChapter. All information about a probate client and the applicable case is available from anywhere within the software. Use NextChapter as a probate case database for your law firm.

Start Filing Bankruptcies

Benefit from adding bankruptcy to your probate practice with cloud-based bk software. When you want to pick up this area, NextChapter offers assistance for new bankruptcy attorneys with our support team and our online bankruptcy software. Take advantage of NextChapter's simplified filing process and autogenerating bankruptcy forms, as well as training webinars.

Take Bankruptcy Cases

Hire a Probate Paralegal

Does your probate practice need additional paralegal assistance? The Paralegal as a Service offering from NextChapter gives you an extra hand on probate cases when you need it. Our experienced probate virtual paralegals can assist you with probate cases and will support you as you grow your bankruptcy practice.

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