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Bankruptcy Software for the Modern Attorney®

Improve your practice with NextChapter’s innovative, cloud-based platform for preparing, managing and filing bankruptcy cases.

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The Future of Bankruptcy Law is Here

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    • Cloud Based

      100% Cloud Based

      Work from your couch or a hammock on the beach and securely access your client files from any device, on any browser, at any time.
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    • Intuitive & Efficient

      Intuitive & Efficient

      Prepare your client’s bankruptcies more efficiently by removing double data entry, eliminating confusing order and introducing real-time validation.
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    • Save Time & Money

      Save Time & Money

      Put your valuable time back into your practice. We guide you through the tedious process of completing bankruptcy paperwork.
NextChapter Case Dashboard
NextChapter Case Dashboard

Prepare, Manage & File Bankruptcy Cases Online

NextChapter provides all the tools and resources to run your entire practice in the cloud, on one system.

From client intake and initial consultation to bankruptcy discharge, NextChapter offers an array of products and services to keep you moving to the next chapter of your law practice.

Bankruptcy Web Workflow®

NextChapter uses a proprietary method for inputting data and eliminating redundancy by implementing a revolutionary linear model which has become its signature Bankruptcy Web Workflow™. The linear model NextChapter created allows users to input a piece of information only once but have it be used in multiple places on forms and in our application. NextChapter’s Bankruptcy Web Workflow™ helps you move quickly through the bankruptcy petition documents by eliminating double and triple data entry. Simply input only what is necessary on a case by case basis. Entering pay advices, property assets and the Statement of Financial Affairs has never been easier.

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Your Single-Trusted Bankruptcy Source

It all started with notes on napkins of the ideal bankruptcy software.

We are a group of lawyers, paralegals, engineers and designers changing the way attorneys are practicing bankruptcy law. After many years of preparing bankruptcies ourselves, we found the best practices and solutions, and we are bringing them to life with NextChapter.

Access your law firm dashboard from any device, at any time, using our safe and secure application. Transform the way you do business and keep your files moving quickly through the bankruptcy process with our project management flow features.

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Cloud-Based Bankruptcy Software

NextChapter’s web-based bankruptcy software program allows you to prepare Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases on any browser, any device, any time.

Compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and any tablet. With no downloads or plug-ins needed to access the software, NextChapter is a true mobile application with security and stability to keep your client information safe.

With real-time updates, customization and collaboration, NextChapter puts innovation in the hands of the user. Customize NextChapter to suit your firm’s needs with custom exemptions, dashboards, marketing goals, checklists and more. Collaborate on cases at the same time with attorneys and paralegals in the same cases.

Your One-Stop Bankruptcy Solution
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 13
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Emergency
  • Bankruptcy Court Integration
  • Clio Integration
  • Credit Report Integration
  • Means Test Calculators
  • Chapter 13 Plan Builder
  • Case Management Tools
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The best software on the market!! Rather than follow the traditional, follow-the-form method of case prep, NextChapter charted a new and innovative course in bankruptcy case preparation. We've seen significant reductions in the time it takes to enter cases. The cloud service is instantaneous and seamless. I couldn't be happier with the quality and speed of customer service. I am a devoted fan and recommend it to any practitioner looking for a simple, yet sophisticated, case management system.
Tara Gaschler Salinas
Colorado Attorney
The staff at NC is outstanding - great customer service, quick responses, and very friendly. Much better than some other bankruptcy software providers. Highly recommended!
Brittany May
Ohio Bankruptcy Paralegal
I switched from a software based program to prepare bankruptcy petitions, to the internet based system offered by the folks at NextChapter. I really like it. The programing has been well thought out, and seems to be continually refined. A web based system essentially allows you to work on bankruptcy matters from any place that you can access a good internet connection, perhaps the client's home, your office, your home, or a good coffee shop. It is very worthy of your consideration.
John Sica
Maryland Attorney
We are very impressed with the program! It is user friendly and easy to navigate through. They are always updating new features in the program and make sure the customers are up to date on what is new with the program. I would highly recommend NextChapter to any firm, large or small!
Ashley Arlotto
New Jersey Bankruptcy Paralegal

How NextChapter Works with Your Practice

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    • New Client Intake

      New Client Intake

      Enter new clients into NextChapter. Make comments on the file. Track status of the case, referral source, upcoming tasks and fees.
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    • Document Upload & Storage

      Document Upload & Storage

      Effortlessly upload documents to specific cases. Simply drag-and-drop bills, taxes or pay stubs into NextChapter and mark them off the document checklist.
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    • Guided Forms

      Guided Forms

      NextChapter’s intuitive navigation and web-workflow will guide you through the required bankruptcy documents: petition, schedules and means test.
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    • Paralegal Support

      Paralegal Support

      Too busy this week? Let NextChapter become your paralegal team. We contact your client and fill out the bankruptcy forms for you. That’s how we started, after all.
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    • File with the Court

      File with the Court

      NextChapter has worked diligently with the bankruptcy court on forms and ECF integration. We’ve learned all of the new requirements and continue to update as needed to help you file with ease.