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Please look through the video tutorials and FAQs below or check the comprehensive Help Center for assistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure is NextChapter?

    We understand how sensitive your client data is, so we take extra measures to ensure that our security is impenetrable. Read about our security measures here.
  • Is NextChapter compatible with a Mac Computer?

    Yes! NextChapter is compatible with a Mac, PC, tablet, etc. We are a web application which you use through the browser. There is no download required. You simply signup, login, and start using the application right away.
  • Can I change or cancel my account any time?

    NextChapter is made for every type of bankruptcy firm. We have no minimum contracts, no set-up fees and no cancellation fees. Use NextChapter on our per-case pricing model for fewer cases per month and upgrade to our monthly or annual plan when you begin to file more. Cancel your plan at any time but keep in mind there are no refunds for the current term.
  • If I choose to switch to another software, what happens to my data?

    We will be sad to see you go but we would never hold client data hostage. You can simply ask us for your client files, give us a few days to compile the records and we will provide you with a CSV of your client information so you can make the switch as easily as possible.
  • Can I use NextChapter if I am a paralegal or legal assistant?

    Yes, paralegals and legal assistants can use NextChapter to prepare bankruptcies as long as they are working for an attorney and filing on their behalf. We do not allow petition preparers to use NextChapter and file for debtors without an attorney.
  • Can multiple users, such as paralegals or legal assistants, be given access to my cases?

    Yes, NextChapter offers the option to invite unlimited users to access and edit cases. If you go to “Settings” and click on “User Accounts and Invites” you can enter the email address of the user you would like to add and an invitation will be sent prompting the new user to set up an account.

  • Can multiple users be logged in and working on the same case at the same time?

    Yes, users can work on cases together and see each other’s updates in the program in real-time.
  • My firm files in a few different districts. Is there an additional charge?

    NextChapter allows attorneys to file in as many districts as needed at no additional cost. Each attorney can save multiple bar numbers and ECF credentials for each of the districts the file in.
  • What type of support materials does NextChapter provide?

    Awesome customer support is a top priority at NextChapter. Here are the different options we provide to help users become NextChapter pros:
    • Chat with our Customer Success Team through the in-app chat service during regular business hours.
    • Help Center - Comprehensive platform to find answers to questions and help walk you through your first filing.
    • Guides, tutorial videos, and more right here on our help page.
    • Customer Success Webinars – Monthly webinars are provided for free to users who want to dive into deeper topics within the program and to learn how to get the most out of NextChapter for their practice.
    • Firm Training Webinar – NextChapter offers Firm Training Webinars to any attorneys signed up for the Pro Plan.
  • Does NextChapter have an electronic filing option with ECF?

    Yes, NextChapter makes it very easy to file a case with ECF through the application. ECF integration is completed in NextChapter for almost all the courts. Confirm is your court is ready here.
  • Do I have to use the ECF feature to file my case, or can I receive the forms to manually file them with the court myself?

    NextChapter gives users the option to download the full packet at any time which can uploaded directly to the court’s site if desired. Many users will prepare the forms and download the full packet to review with their clients, make any updates or changes needed in the forms and then go back into NextChapter to file the case with the court.
  • Can I see a preview of the forms while I’m preparing the case?

    Yes, you can preview the forms at any time while preparing cases. The form preview screen can be viewed at any time and allows you to quickly navigate through the forms.
  • Can I generate the forms with blank signature lines for my client to sign?

    NextChapter gives you the option before downloading the packet to remove the electronic signature and users can also select to only generate the forms with signature pages to prevent having to print more than needed.
  • Are there any case management tools available in NextChapter?

    Yes! NextChapter provides pre-set checklists in each case to help you manage each case and keep track of the documents and tasks needed for each case. The lists can be easily edited in each case to fit the specific case scenario, and you can also edit the default lists for all cases in the firm’s setting page.
  • I work for a nonprofit legal aid organization. Does NextChapter offer free bankruptcy filings for attorneys providing pro bono bankruptcy services?

    Yes, we do! At NextChapter we are passionate about giving back to our community and helping those in underserved markets. We provide NextChapter products in limited amounts to attorney volunteer networks and attorneys providing pro bono bankruptcy services to support low income families in disadvantaged communities. To request a Pro Bono Filing Waiver, please send an email to with your name, email address, pro bono organization and the name of the client in which you wish to have the fees waived. Please also see our Philanthropy page to learn about NextChapter’s commitment to giving back to our community through our 1-1-1 Promise.
  • Can I upload my list of common creditors from my previous BK software?

    Absolutely! If you can obtain a list of your common creditors from your previous software in a CSV format, the list can be uploaded in your firm’s setting page so that all users can have access to those creditors in each case. You can also manage the full list in your firm’s settings page.
  • Does NextChapter support the forms for business/non-individual bankruptcies?

    Yes! In addition to supporting Chapter 7, 11, and 13 individual cases, NextChapter also supports Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 non-individual filings.
  • Does NextChapter have Chapter 13 plans?

    Yes, NextChapter offers a Chapter 13 package that can be added to any firm which includes your district’s form plan, an easy to use Chapter 13 calculator, NextChapter’s Chapter 13 Time Tracker and a Chapter 13 receipt print out.
  • Are local forms supported in NextChapter?

    Each case in NextChapter includes a local forms library where you can easily access the local forms for each district. Not all of the forms are autocompleted, but NextChapter does supports some of the required local forms. We are constantly working to add in new forms for each district. Don’t see a local form that you would like added in? Email your request to and we’ll work on adding it in!
  • Can I store case documents in NextChapter?

    Yes! Each case has a client document storage section where you can save any case documents necessary. If there are documents that your court would like to be inserted into the petition packet, such as pay advices, you can save the document to the case storage and then insert the document into the final packet just before filing.
  • Does NextChapter offer Credit Report Integration?

    Yes! NextChapter has partnered with Universal Credit Services to provide users with tri-merged reports from all three credit bureaus: Experian®, Transunion® and Equifax®. You can read more about this integration option here.
  • Who do I contact with questions about the credit reports?

    You can direct any questions regarding the credit reports to Universal Credit Services (UCS) at (800) 358-8442.
  • Are the creditors imported into the schedules when I pull a credit report?

    Yes, NextChapter gives you the option to have the creditors imported directly into the schedules in addition to selecting if you would like to omit claims with $0.00 balances and unknown balances.
  • Does NextChapter offer discounts, creditors or refunds?

    Prior to initial payment, NextChapter offers the following:
    • Unlimited Free Trial
    • Flexible Pricing Plans
    • No Setup Fees

    NextChapter offers an unlimited free trial where you can use the application and try us out all the way up to the filing or download of a case. We also offer flexible pricing planes and no setup fees! Due to these flexible terms, we do not offer refunds and/or discounts.

  • What am I paying for on the per-case plan (Start Plan)?

    The fee covers the use of NextChapter for the preparation of your forms. You may preview and download the forms at any time.

    Once you’ve paid the fee for a case, the watermarks are removed from the forms so that you can file the case through NextChapter or directly to the court if NextChapter does not have ECF capability for your court.

    Other features include:

    • 100% Cloud Access
    • Unlimited Users & Districts
    • Unlimited Client Storage
    • ECF Integration (for most courts)
    • Third-Party Integrations
    • Automatic Updates
    • Case Management Tools
    • Premium Customer Support
    • Unlimited Downloads after Initial Payment
    • Ability to Upgrade Plan at ANY Time
  • Does NextChapter have the ability to file emergency bankruptcy cases through the app?

    Yes! NextChapter allows you to select "Emergency Filing" after preparing the case and the initial shell documents (Voluntary Petition, Creditor Matrix, Verification of Creditor Matrix, Notice of Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy, Attorney's Disclosure of Compensation) will be filed with the court. Please note that NextChapter only supports filing the initial case and does not allow users to upload additional documents after the case is created.

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