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Automating Your Remote Law Firm

Automating Your Remote Law Firm

Attorneys and their staff can still work just as efficiently outside of the office.
Take your remote law firm to the next level with cloud-based legal software, better communication, and streamlined workflows.

Making the decision to work from home is the first step.

To ensure that you and your staff are happy and successful in doing business outside of the office, multiple factors should be considered. In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to successfully work from home as a law firm, including:

  • Essential technology programs and cloud-based legal softwares for remote work

  • How to communicate with staff and clients without a physical office space

  • Collaborating with your team on cases and projects

  • Mental health tips for remote workers

Making the decision to work from home is the first step
Create a Successful Remote Law Firm

Create a Successful Remote Law Firm

With remote work becoming the new normal, many law firms are looking for ways to maximize productivity and boost morale for their distributed team. Telecommuting offers a wealth of benefits for lawyers and law firm staff. Here’s are a few reasons why law firms are working from home:

  • Improved work-life balance for employees

  • More flexibility

  • Cost savings

The best software on the market!! Rather than follow the traditional, follow-the-form method of case prep, NextChapter charted a new and innovative course in bankruptcy case preparation. We've seen significant reductions in the time it takes to enter cases. The cloud service is instantaneous and seamless. I couldn't be happier with the quality and speed of customer service. I am a devoted fan and recommend it to any practitioner looking for a simple, yet sophisticated, case management system.
Tara Gaschler Salinas
Colorado Attorney
The staff at NC is outstanding - great customer service, quick responses, and very friendly. Much better than some other bankruptcy software providers. Highly recommended!
Brittany May
Ohio Bankruptcy Paralegal
I switched from a software based program to prepare bankruptcy petitions, to the internet based system offered by the folks at NextChapter. I really like it. The programing has been well thought out, and seems to be continually refined. A web based system essentially allows you to work on bankruptcy matters from any place that you can access a good internet connection, perhaps the client's home, your office, your home, or a good coffee shop. It is very worthy of your consideration.
John Sica
Maryland Attorney
We are very impressed with the program! It is user friendly and easy to navigate through. They are always updating new features in the program and make sure the customers are up to date on what is new with the program. I would highly recommend NextChapter to any firm, large or small!
Ashley Arlotto
New Jersey Bankruptcy Paralegal